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Date:2018-09-21     visitors:1294

On September 21, Hu Xiaokang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, led the relevant directors of the Department of External Relations, Hu Zhenqi, and other relevant leaders to visit and guide the company. The company's general manager Du Fengshan, deputy general manager Chen Maowang, Yu Renzhi and other company leaders gave a warm reception.

First of all, General Du introduced the basic situation of China Overseas Group and the future strategic transformation as an integrated service platform for Africa. Then, Mr. Du introduced the difficulties and development opportunities faced by the water company in key overseas projects and companies. With the increasingly fierce market competition, with the exchange rate risk and security risks, in addition to further improving the project execution capability, China Overseas Water will also build a comprehensive service platform for Zhejiang and Africa under the unified deployment of the Group.

After listening to the relevant situation of China Overseas, Mr. Hu said that Zhejiang has a company that has been rooted in Africa for many years. In the future, under the framework of “One Belt, One Road”, it will certainly play a big role. Zhejiang Province will combine many resources and more. The channel has promoted various cooperation projects in Africa in a multi-modal way to meet the great strategy of the national “Belt and Road” African Destiny Community.

Finally, the leaders of the Department of Commerce said that we must strengthen ties and close cooperation, and related activities and policies in Africa should be mutually connected, establish a seamless connection, and jointly build a platform for non-integrated services.

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