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Date:2018-09-03     visitors:813

On September 3, 2018, Daniel Akali Martins, an outstanding employee representative of Nigerian Water Company, accompanied by a colleague from West Lake Water Company of Nigeria, visited the Waterworks Headquarters. The company's general manager Du Fengshan and deputy general manager Chen Maowang and other company leaders enthusiastically performed excellent employees. Reception.

Daniel Akali Martins is currently the Process Director of the West Lake Water Engineering Technology Department in Nigeria. He is responsible for the project's chief engineer. With the concept of “true localization”, Zhongdi Overseas integrates and cooperates with local employees, and selects outstanding local employees to return to the water headquarters every year. Visiting Hangzhou is a glory for overseas local employees. For China Overseas Water, it is a localized operation and a direct reflection of the training of local employees.

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